Choosing the right place to purchase your spectacles or contact lenses can make a difference. Sometimes it’s the small things that count, sometimes the bigger ones. Why should you purchase your spectacles or contact lenses from us? What’s so special about MC optique?

Spoil yourself

Cappuccino (1)

Take your time selecting your new frames or lenses while relaxing in the inviting atmosphere of our showroom.

We will be happy to make you a cappuccino, espresso and/or to serve you a refreshing glass of juice. Try this service out the next time you visit.

We look forward to seeing you!


Take a selection of frames home with you!


Our take-home service allows you to take all the time you need to make the right choice. Ask your family and friends to give you their opinions, and match your new accessory up with your wardrobe.

Let us put a selection together for you to take home. In fact, we would even be happy to deliver a selection to your doorstep.


Your new glasses within 24 hours.

We can offer you this 24-hour service for single-vision-lens glasses by making use of the state-of-the-art logistics centre run by our product partners. Order your glasses one day and pick them up the next. This offer is available for all standard-strength lenses in a variety of available qualities – from simple finishes all the way to ultra-lightweight high-tech lenses.

And if you need your new progressive-power-lens glasses in a hurry, we can have those ready for you within 48 hours at a minimal express-service surcharge.

Precision craftsmanship


We are as meticulous about the craftsmanship that goes into fashioning our products for your specific needs as we are about selecting the right eyewear for you in the first place.

It is important that the optical centre of your glasses is properly placed before your eyes to ensure optimal vision. We use the Zeiss Video Infral Computer Centring System to gauge the precise point of focus through your new glasses.

In an age when cutting work is often outsourced, we are particularly proud to be able to provide one-stop-shop services. We take personal responsibility for each of the brands in our range, which means we can guarantee the highest standard in product quality. Our workshop is fully equipped with modern CNC glass-cutting machines.

Our speciality, rimless spectacles, are currently a very popular design which requires a good deal of manual craftsmanship. Despite all the high-tech equipment at our disposal, making this style of glasses continues to be a refined art that requires time and dedication.



2-year quality warranty on your glasses!

The frames and glasses in our range offer the best-possible product quality. And yet we cannot fully exclude the possibility of an occasional material defect.

Which is why we give our customers a 2-year quality warranty on all the spectacles we sell – be they a premium product with a progressive power lens or a special bargain offer. Should your glasses prove to have a material or manufacturing defect, we will replace them free of charge within this warranty period.

We will also give you a warranty on the tolerability of all the lenses we prescribe. Should you have problems wearing the lenses we fit, we will, of course, be happy to find a suitable replacement free of charge.

We also offer an additional warranty on the tolerability of all extra-comfort progressive power lenses. If you can’t adjust to them despite wearing them regularly over a period of half a year, you are welcome to come in for a replacement with other multifocal or single-vision lenses.


Product insurance

Individual insurance on your spectacles.

A damaged frame, broken lens or the loss of your glasses are all covered by our insurance offering. In the event of any of these, all you have to do is come in to see us, bringing your insurance contract along, and we will examine the damage. Where possible, we will repair your spectacles in our workshop. If the damage is irreparable or you have lost your glasses, we will make sure you receive a replacement of equivalent value as quickly as possible.

Our insurance offering covers loss or damage for a period of 12 months. As is standard with most insurance policies, you pay an excess percentage of 40 per cent of the value when new – whereby this may include the cost of prescription by an eye doctor.

So make use of our quick and easy offering to insure the value of your spectacles against damage or loss.


Donate your old spectacles

Your discarded spectacles can help others!

There are countries in Africa or Asia in which corrective eyewear is still a luxury that not a lot of people can afford.

Please contribute your old spectacles to our collection bin for recycling.

We send all collected items to our industry-federation headquarters in Düsseldorf, where they are sorted, reconditioned and on-forwarded to selected organisations for distribution in needy countries.



Buy now, pay later!

If you attach a lot of importance to getting the very best that money can buy for your eyes, you will find that it has never been so easy to fulfil that wish. We now offer smart financing for our range of quality brand eyewear products.

Our partner, Essilor, can help you finance the perfect spectacles for you. This makes solutions such as Varilux progressive power lenses and designer frames easily affordable for any budget. Get the best quality that money can buy for your eyes.

It’s simple

to indulge in the best.

We will be happy to put together a personal financing application for you. Just choose the desired financing period (18, 24 or 36 months) to determine the size of your monthly payments (i.e. at a specifiable interest rate of either 3.9% or 9.9%). Everything else is quickly arranged from there. Simply complete the application form and your new spectacles will be handed over to you with no delay. We are at your service to provide affordable high-end quality.

Financing your new glasses on the basis of low monthly payments will give you extra financial freedom to fulfil other wishes as well.

Financing has a good name.

A reputable and experienced partner at our side, the Frankfurt-based Beneficial Bank AG, will provide competent and professionally secure financing for your new spectacles.