Do I really need reading glasses?

This is a question many people ask themselves as their reading vision begins to deteriorate in their mid-40s. At this stage, people who already wear contact lenses question the need for glasses, given that they are already using a seeing aid.

The solution is multifocal contact lenses

Conventional contact lenses can only offset one type of defective vision. As we get older, however, our eyes progressively lose the ability to adjust to a focus on objects of near distance, so that we need either an additional pair of glasses or multifocal ones. New developments now allow this highly successful multifocal principle to be coupled with the vision and wearing comfort of contact lenses.

How do multifocal contact lenses work?

BifoClDifferent options are available for making multifocal contact lenses. One is to divide lenses into sections for far-distance and near-distance focus, with the required focus determined by the wearer’s direction of gaze (straight ahead for far-distance and down for near-distance focus).


Another option is to design the lens in such a fashion that it produces a clear image regardless of the distance of focus ( progressive power contact lenses). The individual wearing the contact lenses unconsciously selects the right visual impression. The adjustments work without any conscious effort or movement of the head on the part of the wearer.

We will be happy to put our expertise as fitters at your disposal to help you choose the system ideally suited to you.

Do they require different handling or care?

No, they do not. Like other contact lenses, multifocal lenses are available as rigid or soft lenses. We will determine the material and form best suited to your individual needs and will have maximum-quality contact lenses made for you.

Multifocal lenses are fitted onto the eye just like all other types of contact lens and will adjust themselves to the right position.

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